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Link to IAD article: IAD Jan Publication

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Inspired by what she saw in Feb 2013 after the inaugural International Angelman Day events around the world, Liz Sordia (parent of an angel) began her project to create an informative online magazine for this community:

A Global Perspective on Angelman Syndrome

Angelman Today online magazine is the first and only publication of it’s kind.  Our articles feature information that we hope will revolutionize the current care and standard of practice for the treatment and education of those affected by AS.

Angelman Today offers every Angelman Syndrome foundation/organisation across the globe the opportunity to submit articles so that we are all able to benefit from the brilliant minds of those involved in the care, research and treatment of those affected by AS.  Additionally, we are a media outlet designed to support entrepreneurial angel families who are looking to reach out to the community and share their innovative products and services.  We will also bring you advertisers that offer the BEST products and services available for people with special needs.

As parents of children with Angelman Syndrome who have been able to improve the health and cognitive abilities of our children via implementation of clinically researched therapeutic diets; we feel that it is our right, privilege and responsibility to bring these treatments and more to the forefront of the collective consciousness of the AS community. We believe that viable, effective treatment options and educational opportunities exist and are being successfully implemented around the world today.  We embarked on this project to put the best and brightest from around the world at your finger tips.

Editor, Liz Sordia


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