An earlier international organisation for Angelman Syndrome (IASO) became unsustainable due to the volume of work facing its volunteer members and the complexities involved in running an organisation internationally.  Learning from this experience, the IAD Collective is a fluid concept which so far operates successfully through a broadly democratic process.

By pursuing the simple idea of selecting a single day to raise awareness for AS, a strong international network has been formed. This network provides a channel for cross-border communication that has already resulted in some very productive collaborations between organisations/researchers/experts.


Inclusive, Ambitious, Professional, Respectful, Knowledgeable



The formation of International Angelman Day began in 2012 and required an enthusiastic team of over 30 AS groups (the IAD Collective) – all driven by a sense of unity and cooperation for a common cause.

  • It began with the gathering of contact details for all known AS organisations around the world.
  • Countries/orgs nominated a suitable day to claim as ‘our own’, and then voted. The winning date was 15th February.
  • A competition was held to gather entries for a suitable logo that reflected the concept of International Angelman Day.  A large selection of professional designs were submitted.
  • All countries/orgs voted. The winning logo is the design currently being used.
  • The inaugural International Angelman Day was held in 2013.

International Angelman Day, the IAD Collective, and the internet have made it possible to work together internationally, at the click of a mouse. We are hoping more successful collaborations will play out in the future that will serve to benefit all those affected by Angelman syndrome.


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