Raise 50 MILLION for RESEARCH  into Angelman syndrome – by DEC 2015 : website designed and administered by Johan Klein (NINA Foundation). Launched on IAD 2014.

ORSA groupThe 50th anniversary of Dr Harry Angelman’s first report recognizing this syndrome will be celebrated in December 2015. With this in mind, and considering the research timeline for AS, Sarah Roarty (Angelman Ireland) presented this proposal at the ORSA conference in Rome, Italy 2013:

‘To raise 50 MILLION globally for RESEARCH into Angelman syndrome by DEC 2015’

This proposal was then extended to all AS organisations around the world – to  globally align ourselves “in spirit” to this goal. The concept is not that we put the money in one place to be controlled by one body, but rather that each country continues to raise money for research and uses it accordingly. Those that agree to this “call to action” simply become part of a GLOBAL TALLY that will measure the collective amount raised around the world.

“I think by raising the bar we will pull out all the stops in our individual countries to reach this overall figure. Yes, 50million is audacious but I truly feel we are on the cusp of great things for Angelman Syndrome and I KNOW we can do this together!” – Sarah Roarty 

A: In small pieces

So, to raise 50 million all we need is 5000 ‘Army of Angels’ around the world who can get 50 of their friends to give 2 dollars/euro/pounds each week for 100 weeks = 50 million.     If we start on Jan 1st 2014 we will have 50 million for RESEARCH by Dec 1st 2015!

                                                  Due to the deadline and large task ahead                                                  this global challenge has been called




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