• The official LOGO for IAD is a copyright design owned by all AS organisations that support this initiative.
  • Anyone can use the logo,  provided it is used for the objectives outlined on this website.
  • The logo is an official ‘branding entity’; therefor no part of it should be adjusted or distorted in any way. It is permissible to display it alongside other organisation logos.
  • Every country or organisation is free to print their own T-shirts or supporting material and any profit from the sale of these goes to their own organisation.


HIGH QUALITY pdf of the logo for printing (in English): Int Angel Day logo (1)


A jpg file that can be copied and pasted:

Int Angel Day logo HR CMYK


  • If you need this LOGO in esp format, send an email request to
  • If you need this LOGO in another language,  send an email request to Please email the exact translation of the wording in your message.


Ideas for posters:

logo and 4 points

International poster for IAD

For more ideas on how to promote IAD, see EVENTS



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