Angelman Syndrome Association of Australia (ASA):   www.angelmansyndrome.org

Contact: Liz Stanley –  president@angelmansyndrome.org

The Association’s Objectives are:

  • Education: to educate AS families, the medical and educational communities about Angelman Syndrome;
  • Support and Advocacy: to establish national, regional and local support systems for persons with AS and their families and to publicise the condition, its treatment and management; Research activities on the diagnosis, treatment and management of AS; To raise funds for education, support, advocacy and research.

ASA Branches: 

ASA Queensland –  www.angelmansyndromeqld.org                                        Contact:  enquiry@angelmansyndromeqld.org

ASA Western Australia –  www.angelmanwa.com.au                                      Contact: Kellie Wild – ekwild@aapt.net.au


Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics, Australia (FAST) – www.cureangelman.org/au

The Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics Australia Limited, an Australian company limited by guarantee, and Health Promotion Charity status and associated tax concessions as of April 2010.

At FAST Australia, our mission is the same as our founding organisation in the United States. Both entities are dedicated to finding a cure for Angelman Syndrome and related disorders through the funding of an aggressive research agenda, education and advocacy.

The two entities operate independently from each other with separate board of directors and bylaws. FAST AU is not controlled by FAST US and no funding is provided by FAST AU to FAST US. There is an agreement in place for the use of the “Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics” and “FAST” names. FAST AU raises funds and those funds are applied as determined by the FAST AU board of directors. While both foundations share the same vision, both are legally and financially independent.

Together with FAST in the United States, we strive for a day where the severity of Angelman Syndrome will be a thing of the past.


New Zealand:

The Angelman Network: www.angelmannetwork.com

Official TheAngelmanNetwork_Logo

Our Mission Statement

“Connecting and supporting those affected by Angelman Syndrome”

We aim to do this, by:
  • Accessing and distributing accurate information about Angelman Syndrome sourced locally and internationally
  • Connecting and helping NZ Angelman parents/guardians/care givers and families feel valued and supported
  • Raising awareness of Angelman Syndrome in New Zealand among clinicians, therapists, schools, agencies and the community
  • Pursuing opportunities to support networking and research, related to Angelman Syndrome.



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