Events held to commemorate IAD vary widely and depend on what is appropriate in each different country, hemisphere & season, and culture.

Your participation on 15th Feb can be as small a gesture as wearing a badge or posting our logo and a pic of your child on social media; or as big a gesture as hosting a gala fundraiser or sports event. Under this tab we have listed some previous examples of awareness and fundraising events from around the world.

Anything anyone can do to raise awareness is greatly appreciated.  No gesture too small.  No such thing as the insignificant word or deed.” – Colin Farrell (Ambassador for FAST)

Caramelitos Ambriz

The overall concept behind International Angelman Day,  is that

‘Collectively we have a stronger voice.

Through collaboration, we can achieve our goals quickest’  

If we all contribute in some way – parents, members and organisations – this annual event can help to raise awareness and funds for Angelman syndrome worldwide. This will ensure a stronger global network and a better future for everyone impacted by Angelman syndrome.


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