Inaugural IAD Events 2013

Family events around the world

TURKEY:  Media article about International Angelman Day

GERMANY: An Awareness Booth

AUSTRALIA: Family Picnics in the Park.


  • 8 different newspaper articles were published across the Country.
  • Wellington – movie viewing at the Lighthouse Petone, which helped spread AS awareness and raise funds.
  • Mufti day at Pukekohe intermediate school helped raise awareness and funds for AS. The whole school dressed up in blue or white and wore angel wings.  Jordan – who has Angelman Syndrome – visited the school and met all the lovely kids. An effective powerpoint presentation at assembly, educated the students and staff about AS
  • St James acknowledged International Angelman Day with an Angel mufti day which raised funds and spread awareness. There was a presentation on AS and a World Record Ice-cream Scooper scooped ice-creams for all the kids.
  • ‘wear wings to work’ – was kicked off in Northland, and then spread. Wings were seen in numerous workplaces around Whangarei: Pure Essence clinic, a St John’s course, Toll NZ, One Tree Point School, and a delivery truck run! It spread across the country to Whitianga’s Wharehouse and even a 20/20 cricket game in Wellington – and then went international to the UK!

IRELAND: Molly Brockie, one of the Tampa 24, to feature in an Irish Radio Doco for IAD:  Summit township girl


  • Ruby Tuesday fundraisers were held across the country to raise funds for FAST. Bedford mum, Lisa Riso, raises awareness for IAD and the Ruby Tuesday fundraiser event: NEW HAMPSHIRE
  • USA mum, Joell Ketcham, talks about AS, her son Kenny, and the Ruby Tuesday fundraiser for FAST:


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