Families and organisations are encouraged to raise funds to support AS Research/ Education Resources, on International Angelman Day.



  • Initiate a fundraiser event/s for the registered AS organization/s in your country that funds AS research and/or educational resources.
  • Before embarking on an event, make sure to check your fundraising responsibilities with the organisation you wish to support. Most organisations have strict guidelines that need to be followed to ensure all finance procedures are carried out correctly.
  • Help to promote the fundraising initiatives in your own country/for an AS organisation whose objectives you support. This also serves to raise awareness for the cause.



  • The IAD initiative can be used to promote and fundraise for your own organisation
  • The IAD logo is owned equally by ALL organisations globally. Every country or organisation is free to print their own T-shirts or supporting material and any profit from the sale of these goes to their own organisation
  • When using the official IAD logo for promotional material, please ensure it remains true to the original design


int day logo HR small edge


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