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17 artworks were stolen from the Museo Civico di Castelvecchio, in Verona, Italy. The theft took place on Thursday evening: 19 November 2015. Three armed men entered the museum after it had shut, disabled the security system and immobilized a guard, before grabbing the paintings worth approximately €10m-€15m. The haul includes six works by Tintoretto, pieces by Rubens, Jacopo Mantegna, Jacopo Bellini and Hans de Jode as well as a work well known to the international Angelman community: “Portrait of a boy holding a child’s drawing” by Caroto. 

The Italian ministry of culture and the Carabinieri (Italian police force) are searching for the perpetrators. The critic and curator Vittorio Sgarbi described this as “one of the most significant art thefts ever to happen in Italy”.

Angelman syndrome was first described exactly 50 years ago in December 1965 by Dr Harry Angelman. See link: Dr Harry Angelman

Dr Angelman’s thoughts and observations on the syndrome-type symptoms of this condition were consolidated after viewing this painting of a smiling child, by  Renaissance artist Giovanni Francesco CAROTO.

The international Angelman community is calling for the immediate return of this painting: it is a significant image with historical value for us and a symbol of inspiration for our community. 

Stolen Painting

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